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Used Motorbike Tips

    What used bike can I afford to buy?

    Considering a Used Bike? Before looking, consider your affordability, and start with a monthly budget. A general rule of thumb-don't exceed 25 % of your gross salary. With the CPA in mind, consider all costs, including insurance, as well as maintenance costs, such as wear and tear .You can buy a used or second hand vehicle, without a deposit., though ideally you want lay down a deposit, to bring the monthly repayments' down on the bike you're purchasing. Ideally you want to purchase a used bike, with a solid warranty. As with any used bike, always make allowances for unplanned maintenance issues, and ensure that you have available cash or facilities for any unplanned eventualities.


    Does the pre owned bike for sale meet my current needs?

    Bikes, and especially used bikes, are hugely personality driven. Best to decide on what's a need, then secondly on what the wants .Even if you have a used bike or vehicle in mind, consider all bike brands, the features they offer, and how best it suits your financial needs. Also consider that, at various times, different bike brands and manufactures have specials on various used or new bikes respectively. Also consider that the bulk of the bike makers, as well as later bikes, have little differentiation in respect of the warranty terms they offer. Search sites such as,, for a comparative analysis of the various used and new bike offerings.


    Finding a good used auto deal?

    Used Bike pricing, Is dependant, on a number of factors-The market value (or retail price) of used bikes is based on their year model, condition and mileage .Popularity and availability are contributing factors. More popular used bikes are generally sold at a premium in South Africa, as these vehicles are sold quickly and are usually overpriced. Used bikes typically represent an opportunity to buy a bike or bakkie for a discount to the new bike price, and to also buy up, and get a bike with more bells and whistles! So consider all used bike brands, and test-driving a bike, as well as reviews, should be the final factor, in finding your ideal used bike.

    So you've got a short list of used bikes you're interested in buying, now what? Once you have narrowed the list to 3 bikes, view their specs, on the view function on the used bikes for sale page. Remember requesting a test-drive, with our network of approved used bike dealers is simply a click away