2014 Star Stratoliner S Is All about Chrome Luxury

2014 Star Stratoliner S Is All about Chrome Luxury

Nice to see Yamaha already rolling out fresh 2014 MY machinery with the top-notch Star badge. If you're not into the bagger style of bikes such as the 2014 Stratoliner Deluxe, maybe you'll favor the 2014 Stratoliner S, the all-chrome road warrior.

The 2014 Star Stratoliner S is all about lush chrome classic attire: switchgear, front brake and clutch master cylinders and levers, belt guard, fork and fork covers, handlebar clamps, shifter, front pulley cover, various engine covers, rear fender stay, they all sport the nifty chrome sparkle. If showing off on a modern machine with THAT classic look is your game, then the 2014 Stratoliner S is the right one for the job.

On the tech side, things are top-notch, as well, as the 2014 Star Stratoliner S is powered by a no-nonsense 113cui (1854cc) air-cooled pushrod v-twin mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and with a belt final drive.

Power valve exhaust and fuel injection monitors make sure the engine is supplied with just the right amount of fuel under all conditions, providing both power and excellent economy/

We like the classy sculpted seat, but believe the rear seat could be improved a bit, as it looks a bit on the narrow side. However, in case the sissybar is standard, this might compensate quite nicely. Detachable leather-covered hard cases make the 2014 Star Stratoliner S perfect for longer hauls and can be easily removed for a sleeker, meaner look.

The 2014 Star Stratoliner S also comes with a light aluminium frame and die-cast swingarm for reduced unsprung weight. 46Mm forks and hidden single shock take care of smoothing out the road bumps, while hydraulic disc brakes help taming the beast. Not exactly the lightest bike ever abut definitely not the heaviest, the 2014 Stratoliner S weighs in at 368 kg (813 lbs).

Source: autoevolution