Ural Gaucho Rambler Photos Leaked

Ural Gaucho Rambler Photos Leaked

The Gaucho Rambler is a very neat and tidy sidecar motorcycle, loaded with the best technology Ural can muster. On the terrain ability side, the Gaucho Rambler is sure to be a very mean machine, as we can clearly see we're dealing with a 2WD bike.

The hefty shaft which drives the sidecar wheel provides unrivalled traction in the most adverse of conditions, and this makes Ural bikes stand form the crowd.

Gaucho Rambler comes with the best brakes Ural has ever used: the front drum was replaced by dual drilled rotors squeezed by Brembo calipers and showing high-performance steel-braided lines.

The trapeze fork appears to be loaded with the Sachs dampers Ural has been using in their top bikes, so good performance is to be expected from them, too.

The Rambler design is the result of a collaboration with the Pendleton Woollen Mills, and is a tribute to the wandering South American cowboys of the Patagonia plains, called "gauchos". However, gauchos can be met in southern Bolivia and Chile.

Via autoevolution.com