2013 Ural Tourist, the Comfortable Sidecar Touring Machine

2013 Ural Tourist, the Comfortable Sidecar Touring Machine

Sidecar motorcycles are definitely not for vintage rallies only, and the 2013 Ural Tourist is one of the best ways to prove it is so. Based on the successful Ural T, this derived version adds more on the comfort side and expands the range of possibilities for the everyday biker.

With a stunning retro look which will turn a lot of heads, the 2013 Ural Tourist shows either a red or a black impeccable paintjob you didn't think possible with Soviet-created bikes. Unlike the old beasts, the new Ural is manufactured with a lot of attention for minute details and using modern technology makes it even more desirable.

Forget about all the squeaky suspensions and funky braking: the 2013 Ural Tourist is loaded with top-drawer leading link fork riding on Sachs shocks, while the rear sits on Sachs hydraulic absorbers, as well. Drum brakes were left in place for the rear and the sidecar wheel, but the front one proudly displays a premium Brembo caliper and floating rotor.

The classic 749cc boxer engine offers 40 hp and 38 lb-ft (50 Nm) of torque making the 2013 Ural Tourist a reliable off-road bike, too, while the low-maintenance shaft drive and dual starter (kick and electric) add to the convenience side.