Red Frame Triumph Bonneville SE Rumored

Red Frame Triumph Bonneville SE Rumored

Rumor has it that Triumph is preparing a Special Edition Bonneville with a red frame.

While there is no way for us to tell whether the picture is genuine or has been tampered with, the same rumor claims that Triumph will make some clarification in this respect tomorrow, the 1st of March.

As far as the bike in the picture is concerned we might say that it looks really well, showing a most welcome dash of extravaganza the Triumph machines tend to lack off the mill. The red tank accent, frame and fenders are a nifty contrasting element to the matte black engine, tank sides, seat and covers, while the shiny bare metal exhaust matches the silver machined aluminium wheels.

With less than a day until the rumored Triumph statement, we can only hope the picture is real and we get to see some new Bonneville sexiness.