Triumph Thunderbird, the Parallel-Twin Cruiser

Triumph Thunderbird, the Parallel-Twin Cruiser

If you thought that cruiser means a V-twin no matter what, just take a good look at the Triumph Thunderbird. The cruiser is there, but the V-twin is not. How come? Triumph magic! The Triumph Thunderbird is one iconic motorcycle and if you're looking for a nifty, big and powerful cruiser with a ton of character of it's own, then this British beast is by far your toy.

The Triumph Thunderbird boasts no less than 86 hp and a huge 146 Nm (108 lb-ft) torque which is already available straight from idle, around 2750 rpm. A clean running, low-maintenance belt final drive transfers the massive force to the fat rear wheel for instant thrill and gratification.

Showa suspensions make sure you get the smoothest ride possible, and the dual 5-way adjustable rear shocks are easy to set up for solo, sporty riding or two-up fun. Nissin and Brembo ABS disc brakes make sure you can effortlessly tame the beast.

A hybrid analog-digital instrument cluster is conveniently loaded atop the fuel tank for easy readouts. The wet weight of the Triumph Thunderbird is around 339 kg (746 lbs)