Spy Photos of the New KTM RC390

Spy Photos of the New KTM RC390

The 2014 KTM RC390 was spotted on both Indian and Austrian roads.

The even better piece of news is that Matighoffen has confirmed that the KTM RC390 will be officially launched on 9 September, but alas, in India.

No date was conveyed as to when the bike will become available to the European markets, unfortunately.

We know that KTM/Bajaj dealers are already taking pre-orders for the RC390, with a down payment of approximately USD 500 {Euros 380}, whereas the rumoured retail price in India is around the USD 3,635 {Euros 2,770}. As awesome and unbelievable this price looks, we should definitely expect a much higher one in Europe or the US, if the bike will ever cross the pond, not unlike it happened with the initial 390 machines, the Duke.

Furthermore, certain fellows who are close to the Indian motorcycle industry fear that the 2014 KTM RC390 might even share the same fate with the 390 Duke as far as local deliveries are concerned. It took almost an eternity to Indian riders to receive the bikes they had paid, while it seemed like most of the 390 Dukes were exported.

Upon the growing and more vocal discontent of the buyers, local deliveries were finally commenced. So far, a 3-month waiting time is announced for the RC390 and time will tell whether this was a realistic expectation or not.

The smaller sibling of the 2014 RC390, the RC200 is also expected to be launched around the same date.

Via autoevolution.com