Colin Edwards` 2013 Kawasaki-FTR MotoGP Bike Up for Grabs

Colin Edwards` 2013 Kawasaki-FTR MotoGP Bike Up for Grabs

Ever fancied owning a true MotoGP bike but could not really find few million bucks to spare and get a team? Same here, too, there`s always something in the way, most likely the fact that I don`t have such money.

However, I can give you a hint for a killer deal, freshly surfaced on the UK eBay. Now is the time to act and claw a real MotoGP machine, namely, Colin Edwards` former Kawasaki-FTR machine, the very one he rode in 2013.

That`s right, you can bring home a real NGM Forward Racing bike, loaded with all the bells and whistles, save for the pit box and mechanics. In the `civil `world, this might be the ultimate Kawasaki, even though you`ll only be able to show off on the track or in your garage.

Forward Racing`s 2013 machines are powered by a Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja engine which has received massive tuning from the French house Akira, and are now capable of producing in excess of 245 horsepower, providing you with an almost unfair advantage over your track buddies.

The aluminium tri-spar chassis is a piece of custom engineering from UK`s FTR Moto, a well-known presence in GP racing. With all the special, race-grade bits and parts, carbon fiber components and premier class-specific weight savings, Colin Edwards` former `office` tips the scales at 157kg {346.5 lbs}, also providing a mind-boggling power-to-weight ratio. Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and carbon discs, and the Akrapovic exhaust system are all included.

Forward Racing is also providing a tech briefing and a track experience under the supervision of one of their MotoGP mechanics, alongside with a VIP ticket for the British GP at Silverstone on August 29-31, with hospitality from the NGM Forward Racing Team.

Now that your imagination is running wild, you should also know that Colin Edwards` 2013 Kawasaki-FTR is currently scheduled to go under the hammer with the starting price of 62,000 British Pounds{USD103, 745 or EUROS 76,270} at an auction organized by Historics at Brooklands on June 7th, 2014.

However, we believe that they could actually sell the bike in case a serious buyer comes up with the requested price. At least that`s what A and R learned by sorting out through the eBay Terms of Service. So in case you`ve got a hundred grand laying around, getting this bike could be a very cool way to spend it. Rumor has it that Forward Racing is also selling Claudio Corti`s bike as well.

Colin Edwards, 40, has recently announced his retirement from MotoGP at the end of the 2014 campaign. A MotoGP rider since 2003, the Texas Tornado stepped on the podium for 12 times and is a former World Superbike champion.