A much anticipated new motorcycle from Honda, the Africa Twin is finally here, at least in the form of only two color photos, a leaked black and white video from the testing sessions.

Here is a new photo, apparently coming from a trademark file, as this type of picture is very common in the intellectual business.

We already knew that the Africa Twin will only retain the name from the old bike, as the new model would be powered by a parallel twin engine instead of a v-twin. Leaving this aside, the new AT is expected to deliver better performance than the old model, most likely thanks to the new, bigger engine, state-of-the-art fuel delivery and engine management, better transmission and suspension elements.

Honda, however, is still very secretive as to the power of the new Africa Twin. Rumors see the bike tapping into the 110hp zone, which is on par with what other adventure bikes can do.

If anything, the new Honda Africa Twin looks like a real off-roader machine. Wire spoked wheels, a sturdy metal lower shield attached to the lower frame, they all tell the story of a true adventurer. The exhaust silencer is swept upwards offering great clearance and plenty of room of sidecases, as well. And its position reveals that the bike can wade rivers, too, as we expect that the air intake to be positioned high on the bike, as well.

The Dakar CRF genes are strong in the CRF1000L Africa Twin, as the bike looks slender and agile, and will most likely be one of the lightest liter-class adventure machines. The seat height can apparently be altered to accommodate riders of {almost} all heights.

While we know ABS will be a part of the standard package, with the Dual Clutch Transmission offered as an option, traction control and engine mappings are still on the guessing side of things.

Via {moto}