Honda CRF250 Rally Dream

Honda CRF250 Rally Dream

It is not known yet whether Honda will actually build this bike, but we can hope they will. A quarter-litre class in the Dakar Rally is a most unlikely future, but this doesn`t mean that other organizers couldn`t make good use of such bikes for a sporting event dedicated to a smaller class.

The Honda CRF250 Rally Concept is of course, largely based on the existing CRF250L, in spite of its all-factory looks. Truth is, our hearts skipped a beat when we first laid eyes on this bike and believed that Honda went full-out on a rally-raid spree. That is, the bodywork and paint scheme resemble very much to the actual CRF450 Rally bike used in Dakar and they add solid credibility to this model, too.

If anything, the CRF250 Rally Concept is a feasible idea, at least the way Honda decided to showcase it. From what we see in these photos, at least the front suspensions have been upgraded, with strong rims not being exactly a problem. Plastic body panels are again, fairly easy to manufacture, and what appears to be a plastic bash plate under the engine could easily be made from strong aluminium.

The front cowl is loaded with LED headlights and a clear plexi-glass windscreen and headlight protector. A road-book holder is also mandatory and a fairly easy-to install add-on. Of course, if the CRF250 Rally will ever make it into production, the frame will definitely need strengthening alongside multiple race-grade components which must endure the hard environment of a cross-country rally.

But again, more than half of the project seems already complete, so what is Honda waiting? Oh, and the lower acquisition price and maintenance costs could also be a very powerful incentive for teams who have contemplated quarter-litre rally-raid competitions, don`t you think?

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