Honda 2014 RC213V Prototype

Honda 2014 RC213V Prototype

Honda decided to skip the testing session after the round in Barcelona, Spain, and headed for the MotorLand Aragon, to have the 4 riders (Pedrosa, Marquez, Bradl and Bautista) try the new MotoGP machine, the 2014 RC213V.

The 2014 Honda MotoGP prototype is an all-new machine, with a different chassis and engine, and Takeo Yokoyama, Honda's Technical Director said the factory is ready to provide Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez with the chassis earlier than 2014, in case they feel that the new one is better straight from this stage.

Such a thing happened in 2012, with Dani Pedrosa getting the actual 2013 chassis earlier, helping him win 6 of the last 9 rounds of the past championship.

So far the first day at Aragon was pretty much lost to rain, but we have photos of Pedrosa out on the track riding the 2014 RC213V, so we believe the weather became more friendly.

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