Big Bear Choppers Athena ProStreet

Big Bear Choppers Athena ProStreet

The Big Bear Choppers Athena ProStreet is a stunning blend of reliability, power, comfort and great looks.

Available in 3 flavors, the Athena ProStreet can be ordered as a complete DIY kit, a completely built carbureted machine or an EFI one. The Athena ProStreet boasts a massive and low frame which can be loaded with BBC-spec S&S power units: V111 for Carb Evolution, V111 EFI Evolution or 116 Smooth EFI X-Wedge, with the latter being one of the latest and best engines to comply with emissions standards of late.

Baker transmission with a RSD belt sends 113 lb-ft (153 Nm) of torque to the 300mm rear wheel and the rider can tame this beast by means of 4-piston calipers for both front and rear brakes. The 44-degree raked fork can also be loaded with an optional 23"wheel, for those who want a more massive look.

The seat is positioned low in the TIG-welded steel tube frame, and the patented Devil's Tail swingarm is one things you won't be seeing in other builds, while matching fenders add even more exclusive character to the whole build.

Via autoevolution