Fully Restored 1952 BMW R68

Fully Restored 1952 BMW R68

Fancy a vintage ride which will turn more heads than you can count? How about putting your money to good use and making yourself the best Valentine`s Day present ever?

A fully restored BMW R68 manufactured in 1952 is under the hammer and the current price is ridiculously low, at only USD 2,000. Don`t worry, the price will surely go up, as such machines can even bring USD 11,300 or more.

There are several cool things about this bike which make owning it really neat, and the fact that only 1,452 such machines have been made between 1952 and 1954 is only one of them. This R68 model is the 635th unit in the series, and given it`s almost `like new` status after restoration, you`re definitely looking at a very rare machine.

Most of the parts are original items, brought back to impeccable looks

Probably one of the most important things about the 1952 BMW R68 is that most of the parts are original, and the restoration process only involved parts supplied by authorized BMW resellers. And having the whole process documented {with the proof supplied with the bike, as well} is only adding to the value of the bike.

Several items have been re-chromed for a glorious look, while some have been replaced with era-correct counterparts. The spokes are now stainless steel, and the other shiny parts have been either restored or bought from OEM dealers, like it was the case for the silencers.

The engine and carbs have been rebuilt with new internals and everything is in full working condition. Even the drive shaft is original, despite its new chrome trim. The clutch was upgraded for easier operation, and the brake light and switch installed by the previous owner have been maintained in place for safety and road regulation compliance reasons. The circuitry and the entire wiring harness was remade from scratch to ensure flawless operation, as well.

Now, if you feel like bringing a new ride in your garage, this BMW R68, which is also said to be the first 160 km/h bike, may be just the one you were looking for. So far only three fellows showed interest in this bike, but with just over 6 days of auction remaining, this hot item will definitely become hotter.

Via autoevolution.com {moto}