Helmet-Integrated LED Lights

Helmet-Integrated LED Lights

French helmet specialist Shark reveals SKWAL, the world`s debut production lid which integrates LED lighting elements.

The SKWAL model has been first introduced at the Motorcycle Live Show last year, but now it has become available at Shark dealers around the world.

So far we`ve been able to spot it in the UK, and in some Italian web shop, as well as on Amazon. The lowest price for this really trick lid was just under USD 200 and this makes it a very affordable piece of head gear.

The Shark SKWAL incorporates four LED modules which are powered by an internal rechargeable battery located inside the helmet. The low current draw of these lighting elements ensures a long operation time, so we can expect we won`t have to recharge the helmets as often as we plug in our smartphones.

LED modules are smartly integrated with the helmet design and they are flush with the lid`s surface and edges, for a coherent, one-piece look. One of the neat features is that the two LED lights located in the back of the head can also be seen from either side, increasing the efficiency of the entire system. Shark has not provided enough tech details on the SKWAL system, but we can presume that activating the LEDs is a manual task. Of course, future improvements may include a tiny light sensor which automatically turns the LED modules on or off according to the ambient light.

Even though the SKWAL helmet will not curb dramatically the accidents happening at night because of motorists failing to see the rider, it`s a major step in passive safety, and will hopefully help reducing the number of road crashes.

On the tech side, the Shark SKWAL is decently light for a full-face lid, tipping the scales at 1,470 gr {3.25 lb}. The helmet comes with an integrated sun visor and is ready for the Pinlock Maxvision film, a thermoplastic shell and an interior designed to allow riders to wear glasses. The inner liner is also removable and washable, and Shark has also prepared a special slot for the optional Sharktooth Bluetooth intercom unit. Skark SKWAL is available in sizes XS through XL in a wide variety of colours and graphics.

Via evolution.com {moto}