The Only Two Winchester Motorcycles Known to Exist to Be Auctioned in March

The Only Two Winchester Motorcycles Known to Exist to Be Auctioned in March

Speaking of truly rare motorcycles, how about an auction to sell the only two Winchester motorcycles known to exist?

These exceedingly rare machines, of which only 200 have been manufacturer between 1909 and 1911 will go under the hammer but don`t go looking them up in the catalogues of auction houses such as Bohnams or Mecum.

It`s gun auction specialists James D Julia who will take care of these two jewels, as it looks like the bikes are way too deep into the rifle world.

The bikes have been commissioned by Winchester to Edwin F. Merry Company of San Francisco and March-Metz engines have been used for manufacturing. Multiple Winchester patents have been used in crafting these motorcycles, and the requirements also included using top-drawer components.

One of these bikes has been sold in 2013 for USD 580,000 and this meant a world record price at the time. The other stopped at USD 520,000 but this money still failed to meet the reserve, so the bid was turned down. Should it have been accepted, it would have put the two Winchester bikes in places 2 and three in a hierarchy of the most expensive bikes ever sold. In this chart, the Captain America is dominating authoritatively with a USD 1,35 million price tag.

The two Winchesters have been restored to an `as new` condition and are of course expected to fetch even more money. James D Julia currently offers no info on the sums they are expected to bring. However, keep an eye on us in mid-March as we`ll bring you news on the Winchester motorcycle deals.